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Through Uncertainty ~ Sound Meditation

'Ello there! Thank you for stopping by in the virtual form, that is safest for now! I'm glad to have you hear (pun intended) and I want all of you to know that we all are thinking of you here at Massage Pittsburgh and want you to be safe and well. We look forward to seeing you, so, take care of yourselves and each other the best we can right now.

With this extra time on my hands I am getting to those things we put in the back of our mind and say when I have time I want to....., so here the journey begins!

I created this sound meditation not only out of practice but the intention behind it was to find a pathway within the uncertainty that is among us, the endless questions swirling around in our minds. There are two primary domains of uncertainty; one in uncertainty about perception and the other is uncertainty about action, both of these feed fear all the same.

As individual's goals change, so does the distribution of possible meanings and actions that can be derived from the same experience. From a self-organizing systems perspective, goals operate as the attractants around which human behavior is organized. So we may need to set new goals for ourselves in these days and weeks to follow. We may need to sit quietly away from the kids or away from our partner, and even sometimes away from our own selves to tune in. To not listen to our fears and our anxieties but to listen to ourselves that have been through some sh**. You have overcome many things in your life and we can not help that our brains have this reactionary response to send out noradrenaline in times of uncertainty increasing the activation of cells receiving excitatory inputs and decreasing the activation of cells receiving inhibitory inputs.

You are not your bodies innate response to stress and uncertainty, take 15 minutes and sit or lay down in a comfortable position, put some headphones in and practicing deep breathing.

Here are a few blends that you could diffuse while doing the sounds meditation

Until next time, Be well

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